Rade Milosevic resigned

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Director of the Employment Agency, Rade Milosevic, has resigned from the post.

At a joint press conference with the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Boris Maric, Milosevic thanked controllers from GP URA.

“It is difficult in this political situation to remain principled. I support the decision of the URA to leave the government,” said Milosevic.

In his opinion, the URA gave the greatest contribution during the negotiations on the Government of electoral confidence.

Milosevic also said that in the coming period he would not sign anything, except of what is necessary. “The procedure requires that the government releases me, but as from today I will not carry out the function,” explained Milosevic.

Maric said he will wait all three parties signatories of the agreement to decide on (not)leaving the Government. It is now up to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to decide whether to remain in the government of electoral confidence. The decision will be known on 22 August. “After that, you will be informed,” said Maric.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro