Rađenović: Budva to remain the center of tourism

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We are pleased with the preparations, everything is going according to plan. Along with its old attractions, Budva will include some new content this year and keep its title as a metropolis of tourism, believes Jelena Rađenović, director of Touristic Organization.

Currently, they are finishing off work on beaches and catching up with work that could not have been done before due to bad weather.

Rađenović’s optimism is based on the impressions from tourism fairs, where Budva gathered a lot of interest.

“14th International Tourist Carneval in Budva begins on May 6th, and marks the beginning of the season. It represents one of the reasons to plan a vacation in Budva, which was our goal. This year’s title is Carneval of Open Heart. It is a special event organized with NGO „Feštađuni“ and the Municipality. Over the years, the carnival has grown into an event that not only features carnival groups from Montenegro, but from the region and Europe as well. There are also concerts, children program and workshops. We have many other events ahead of us, competition in Big Game Fishing, marking of the jubilee of Budva City Music, festival in Pržno and Pašticada festival, many music events, Day of Budva Artists, Day of širun and New Year’s celebration”, Rađenović said to Pobjeda.

She invites both old guests and new to Budva this summer.

“Every time you think Budva has everything and you can find something for everyone, you will be surprised. This year tourists will enjoy unique aquapark, toboggans, and attractions for every age. Aside from the clean sea, the best hotels, restaurants and accommodation on Montenegrin coast, a series of events TO organizes are a reason more for Budva to become a must destination this year”, Rađenović said.

There is still two months before the main season begins, but Rađenović is pleased with visits even now.

“Numbers are similar to last year. There are more than 4.000 registered guests in Budva currently, 3.600 of which are staying in hotels. During the holidays we expect an increase, and we are hoping for good weather, that is one of the key factors in the early season”, she said.

Construction works still continue on Budva’s entrance. Rađenović asked for patience.

“It is a very significant infrastructural project, whose effects are yet to be seen. It will make the traffic lighter, and make Budva’s entrance look like that of world city. We are aware that this construction may cause less visits during the holidays and Carnival, but on the recent press conference we invited guests from Bay of Kotor, Nikšić and other cities that can enter Budva from the west or north-west side, where there are no hold-ups. There are objections, of course, but not too many. I think that touristic workers and guests realize the importance of this project and the fact that all of us need to be patient for 40 more days, for the good of all”, Rađenović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro