Radic: First NATO, then EU

Military analyst from Belgrade Aleksandar Radic said that accession to the European Union is not possible without security stabilization, which includes membership in the NATO Alliance.

Radic said for Anatolia news agency that it was the fact that none of the countries in transition had become part of the European Union, before it became part of NATO.

“The fact is that the European Union is not reachable without security stabilization and that, regardless of EU insisting that joining NATO was not a condition, no one in transition, no one from Eastern and Southeastern Europe has not entered EU, if previously was not part of NATO”, said Radic.

He said that the Serbian authorities comprised of a set of parties attempting to do the impossible again, ie not to challenge public opinion, while bringing Serbia right to the door of NATO.

Looking back at the start of the NATO bombing of former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Radic said that there were many opportunities to achieve a political solution to the problem, but that there was no relevant forces in 1999, which would have been really interested in an attempt to solve the problem with real, decisive , diplomatic moves.

Asked about the negative attitude of the public opinion in Serbia towards NATO, Radic said that the Serbian political elite contributed to it, as they encouraged negative attitude of the public, and that it was easier to try to stimulate negative attitude towards NATO and profit voices upon it, rather than face the fact that the conflict was over, whatever it was, and that Serbia is still seeking a strategic commitment of its place in the EU.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro