Radjenovic behind bars for six months

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The High Court in Podgorica confirmed the plea agreement which was signed between the prosecutor’s office and former president of the Municipality of Budva Lazar Radjenovic. He agreed to spend six months in prison for abuse of office during the construction of the WTA wastewater treatment system and in the Copyright case.

As Radjenovic’s attorney Zeljko Djukanovic said, during the investigation it has not been proved that the former president of the Municipality of Budva acquired unlawful gain, so he has not been fined.

This is the second agreement Radjenovic made with the prosecutor’s office.

Within the first plea agreement, Radjenovic agreed to spend 18 months in prison and pay €30,000 to the state budget within one month after the sentence becomes final.

Radjenovic was arrested on 13 August 2015, with 12 associates on suspicion of involvement in illegal engagement of companies in the cases TQ Plaza and Jaz, costing the municipal budget more than €2m. A day after his arrest, former president of Budva Rajko Kuljaca was granted the cooperative witness status. In that case, the same status was granted to the CEO of the Trade Unique company Mirko Latinovic. A month later, the prosecutor’s office launched the Prijevor case in Budva, in which the cost to the budget amounted to €1,400,000. The suspects in this affair included Lazar Radjenovic, Milos Marovic, the son of a former DPS official Svetozar Marovic and six other people.

However, prosecutors did not end criminal charges against Radjenovic with the Prijevor case.

Shortly after that, criminal charges for illegal engagement of a German company for building wastewater treatment system were filed against him. After he became the defendant in this case too, Radjenovic suggested making a plea agreement with the special prosecutor.

In all the affairs, he was charged with the continued criminal offense of abuse of office.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro