Radjenovic sentenced to 6 years in prison and Ticic acquitted of charges

Former President of the Municipality of Budva, Lazar Radjenovic was sentenced to six years in prison for abuse of office during the sale of land on Košljun.

First Bank emloyee Jelica Petricevic and Vido Radjenovic from Budva were sentenced to six months in prison. The former manager of the Municipality of Budva, Aleksandar Ticic, was acquitted.

The sentence was handed down by the High Court judge Valentina Pavličić. She said that Radjenovic was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison for abuse of official position, and fthree months for illegal possession of weapons. Time that he spent i custody will be included in sentence.

Judge Pavličić announced that Lazar Radjenovic, Jelica Petricevic, and Vido Radjenovic undoubtedly consciously entered into a business which had caused damage to the Municipality of Budva.

Lawyer of Lazar Radjenovic, Branislav Tapuskovic told reporters that he was dissatisfied with the judgment, and that, as he said, he had never seen such disproportion of penalties for the same offenses. For him the verdict is scandalous.

Lazar Aković, said after the verdict that the expression of his client Vida Radjenovic expected minimum sentence.

Lawyer of Aleksandar Ticic, Dragoljub Djukanovic is satisfied with the acquittal verdict and that he claimed from the very beginning that it was the only possible decision.

Three of four defendants in the closing argument reiterated that they expect an acquittal verdict. Contrary to that, during the proceeding Vido Radjenovic, pleaded guilty saying that he was ready to go to jail.

The first accused Lazar Radjenovic who at the time of the transaction was deputy mayor, argued during the trial, that everything was done in accordance with the law, with the exception of contract on money borrowing from the municipal budget at the expense of the company of the accused Vido Radjenovic.

“These documents were signed by Rajko Kuljača, who was the mayor at that time,” Radjenovic said earlier .

In closing arguments, prosecutor Lidija Vukcevic said that the gathered evidence clearly showed that in 2007 in Budva and Podgorica, Radjenovic and Tičić, with the help of Petricevic and Vida Radjenovic enabled a privat company SP Luna to buy over 27 thousand square meters of municipal land in the public sale and then they securd the company money from a bank loan.

are not in the public sales of over 27 thousand square meters of municipal land, bought privately Luna SP company, then that company for the purchase of secured money from a bank loan.

She also stated that the former Mayor Radjenovic and manager Tičić, were led by personal rather than public interests during the sale of land on Košljun hill and that Patricevic and Vido Radjenovic helped them in the business.

“The accused have committed crimes in order to satisfy personal and not public interest and abusing the official position, obtained 515 thousand euros,” Vukcevic said earlier.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro