Radman elected for parliament speaker

Councilor of Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Andrija Radman has been elected today as President of Parliament of Herceg Novi.He was, at the inaugural session, supported by 22 councilors of DPS and the civil list “Choice”.

Against his election were seven councilors of Coalition SNP-DF-NS and two councilors of List of Novi. One committee member (Novi-Boris Seferović) was abstained and two deputies of the SDP did not declare themselves.

“I will try to justify trust that I received in the best way I know and to be constructive as I was in the previous period. ” Radman said after he signed the oath.

He promised to work in the interest of the city, as it is expected, adding that it would be his priority.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro