Radmila Vojvodic replaced


Managing Board of the University of Montenegro (UOUCG) dismissed today the Rector of the University of Montenegro Radmila Vojvodic.

Television of Montenegro (TVCG) reported that 12 members of Managing Board (UO) voted for the dismissal of the Rector, while Vladimir Pesic, Tatjana Dlabac and Martin Calasan were against it.

The Acting Dean of the Maritime Faculty Danilo Nikolic was elected as the Acting President until the election of the new Rector.

After the session, UOUCG member Vladimir Pesic told reporters that this was a political violence on UCG.

“I have no comment on all this. There were very bad scenes at the session of the Managing Board. In the end I also received threats from the President of the UO (Dusko Bjelica) that I’m finished with my career in the Managing Board. This is a minor problem, the (main) problem is what is ahead for this University, which has been on the right track and has progressed over the past three years,” Pesic said.

In an earlier announcement signed by the President and Vice President of the Managing Board Dusko Bjelica and Miran Begic, it was stated that the session of the Board was scheduled in accordance with the procedure prescribed by Article 55 of the Statute of UCG.

They reminded that the procedure prescribed by this article implied the Rector’s declaration, which she did.

It is stated that the same article of the Statute prescribes that the Senate of the University, whose session was not held because of the lack of a quorum, declares on the initiative.

The Rector has previously stated that, in accordance with the Statute, the Managing Board can decide on the status of the Rector only after receiving the Senate’s statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro