Radonjic: For the time being, no party submitted report on campaign funds origin

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Director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption Sreten Radonjic says that not a single political entity that participated in the elections submitted report on the origin, amount and structure of the funds spent for the campaign from public and private sources.

In an interview with Dnevne Novine newspaper, Radonjic pointed out that the report and accompanying documentation shall be submitted within 30 days after the elections and that he expected the Agency to start receiving the reports soon.

He called into mind that he said at the last session of the Agency Council that the measure of temporary or complete suspension of budgetary funds would be imposed against all political entities for which it is established that they raised and spent funds during the election campaign contrary to the provisions of the Law on Financing Political Entities and Electoral Campaigns. On the basis of the controls carried out so far, it was found that when it comes to Democratic Front, there are strong indications that raising and spending of funds was contrary to the provisions of the Law on Financing of Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns. Agency will announce its final decision after the parties submit reports with complete documentation on the origin, amount and structure of raised and spent funds from public and private sources”, Radonjic told DN.

He stated that the Agency has an excellent cooperation with the prosecutor’s offices, police, tax administration and other competent authorities.

“We have reported a number of political entities to the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the police. Having in mind that the cases in the proceedings before those state bodies, we cannot disclose more details about them. The Agency will proceed in the same way, if it determines that there were irregularities in the financing election campaigns”, said Radonjic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro