Radonjić: Overview of media publications during campaigns

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Agency for corruption prevention started overviewing paid media advertisements and asked for prices of ads in all bigger media in Montenegro, said director of this Agency Sreten Radonjić, speaking to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine Daily.

Radonjić reminded that political subjects need to apply to Agency giving prices and amounts of possible discounts for media advertisement during campaigns, and the Agency will analyze the data and publish them on an internet page in order to ensure transparency and equality during the campaigns.

“Discounts in publishing amount to a contribution to a political subject. The amount allowed to contribute is 10.000 EUR on a yearly basis, and the data will be used to determine whether the amounts are within the law”, Radonjić said.

Radonjić underlined that the law entails the protection to those who “apply certain behaviors that could be harmful to people’s health, their material and immaterial goods and similar”.

“The responsibility in the case of Mrs Pobrić not getting the status of whistleblower is upon Vanja Ćalović and Mladen Bojanič. Agency submitted all of the data in this case to the Prosecution”, he said.

DPS, Pozitivna, Demokrate, SDP and BS opened accounts

Law on financing political subjects and election campaigns made it obligatory for political subjects to open accounts that can be followed in order to see the flow of the money during campaigns. They also needed to name an individual responsible for finances. So far, the accounts were opened by Democratic Party of Socialists DPS, Positive Montenegro, Social Democratic Party SDP, and Bosnian Party, while SNP named the individual responsible for finances. Democratic Front has not yet opened a special account and named a responsible person.

“The Law does not provide a deadline for these actions. However, keeping in mind that until September 29th Ministry of Finance has the obligation to send the finances to campaigns, we expect that the accounts will be opened by that date”, Radonjić said.

Director of the Agency reminded that political subjects have an obligation to submit reports every 15 days during the campaign, about the contributions of legal and physical individuals. All budget units have an obligation from the day elections are scheduled to the day they are held, and one month after, to publish their analytical cards on the internet page, from all the accounts they have. They also need to submit them to the Parliament’s body that has jurisdiction to follow the law implementation and other regulations of importance in building electoral trust.

“All state bodies, state administration, local administration, public companies, public institutions, state funds and commerce society owned by the state, have an obligation to publish all travel documents for official cars from the day of elections are scheduled to the day they are held. They need to publish this data every 7 days on an internet page”, Radonjić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro