Radonjic: Parties generally violated the law

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Agency for Prevention of Corruption is checking advertising of parties on social networks, said the director of that institution Sreten Radonjic, stating that the majority of political entities did not entirely fulfill legal obligations during the election campaign.

When asked what has been done when it comes to advertising of parties on YouTube, Facebook and Google, Radonjic said that numerous activities of the election advertising of political subjects via the Internet were recorded during the campaign.

“We regularly collect data from all political subjects and we expect answers from mentioned companies as service providers in order to compare the data. All amounts and services reported by political entities will be especially checked, as well as the conditions under which these services were paid and the manner in which it was paid. We communicate with these companies and look forward to their answers,” he said.

Radonjic said that the Agency has collected complete documentation available from the political entities and providers of billboard advertising services.

Speaking on the transparency of party finances, Radonjic said that after the establishment of the Agency this area was improved with effective implementation of the Law on Financing of Political Parties and electoral campaigns, but not enough.

“Most political entities did not entirely fulfill legal obligations during the election campaign, by failing to open bank accounts, not determining the responsible person and not providing biweekly reports. Failure to meet legal obligations has a direct impact on the reduction of transparency when it comes to financing of political subjects,” said Radonjic in the Viber chat dedicated to the elections, organized by the Center for Democratic Transition.

He added that the Agency has so far launched 57 infringement procedures for failure to fulfill legal


Source: Radio Television Montenegro