Radulovic and Mandic did not mention violence

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Testifying in the High Court, former Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic said that the officials of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Branko Radulovic in a telephone conversation with him during the protest of that Alliance on 24 October did not mention violence, nor they would overthrow him from the power.

Krivokapic today has testified in court in the proceedings led against Mandic and DF MP Slaven Radunovic, who are charged with attempted violent change of the constitutional order in the protests in October 2015.

Krivokapic said that on 24 October he had evening telephone conversation with the then Vice-President of Parliament, Branko Radulovic.

“I had a missed call from him, so I called him later,” said Krivokapic, reports portal Antena M.

He also said that Mr Radulovic asked to be allowed to enter the Assembly along with DF MPs.

Krivokapic said that he spoke with MP Andrija Mandic on the same occasion, adding that that content of conversation was the same.

“I suggested that we should go together through the so-called back door, i.e. the side entrance. It was the entry which, due to the barricades in front of Parliament, had been used for weeks. They refused my suggestion, but I said I’d try to take care of that, adding that I would come,” Krivokapic said during his testimony.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro