Radulovic: Audit of the tax debt in September

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State audit institution (DRI) of Montenegro will perform a control audit of Tax administration in September, along with the audit of the efficiency of the collection of the tax debt by property seizure, said for Pobjeda the director of the DRI dr Branislav Radulovic.

“Senate of the DRI, when it comes to collection of tax debt and efficiency of the Tax administration, has planned two audits this year. First one is a control audit in order to determine efficiency of the Tax administration in implementation of the measures of tax debt collection in accordance with previously given recommendations by the DRI. Second audit is an audit of success, and its goal is to determine the efficiency of the collection of the tax debt by property seizure”, explained Radulovic.

The Government announced on Thursday after the session that the total tax debt on 20th of June this year is 777.6 million euros, but that Tax administration estimates that only 236.5 million is collectible. Among the biggest owners are Coal mine Pljevlja with 15 million, Montenegro Airlines with 12 million euros, “Radoje Dakic“ with 11 million…

Tax administration and Ministry of finance need to inform the Government about the measures taken and the debt amount in 45 days. Radulovic said for Pobjeda that both audits are under way and that everything is going according to the predetermined detailed plan.

Radulovic said that when the laws was created nobody consulted the State audit institution DRI.

“The law is treating commercial audits, or the audits of private sector. When creating this law the maker didn’t consult the DRI. We believe that in spite of the fact that DRI is auditting public sector, we could have professionally contributed for this law to be more consistent and professionally better in terms of legal definitions”, said Radulovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro