Radulovic: July financially better than ever

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All hotels of high category on the coast are full and it can already be seen that this touristic year will be financially better than last year, said for Pobjeda president of the Montenegrin tourism association Zarko Radulovic. He emphasized that the number of tourists is not a measure, but financial indicators are.

“Occupation rate is extraordinary, but when if not now. Financial results are better than last year and we hope that it will remain like that until the end of the season. Post-season has better booking than last year. We have a lot more seminars, conferences, etc.”, emphasized Radulovic.

He added that they’re expecting more guests this year because the booking has been stronger for August and September compared to last year.

“This is the best July for Montenegro Stars financially. I’m not speaking about number of stays, that’s not a good indicator, money is the indicator”, said Radulovic.

Company Montenegro stars, where Radulovic is the co-owner, will have better financial results from 10 to 17 percent compared to last year as he said.

“As for Montenegro as a whole destination I don’t have enough information, but according to some estimations the season will be better between seven and ten percent financially”, said Radulovic. He emphasized that he’s not following the number of guests, he knows where they’re from, what they want and how much they will pay for it.

He said that because of increase in number of flights to Montenegro, and global and local changes, we have guests that weren’t coming in previous years.

There’s a great dispersion, there are guests from all over Europe, even the world, in hotels and in private accomodation, so the process that will change tourim in Montenegro has started, and this means that we will have to change our supply of the products and adjust to new guests.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro