Radulović: Something better than Splendid coming along

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Recently, Hotel Splendid celebrated ten years of successful business. Executive director and co-owner Žarko Radulović made a guest appearance in TV show “Bare Truth”, and said that the draft for new hospitality facility is over, and that it is bigger, better and 15% cheaper than Splendid.

“A few new things are coming along, we had several management offers. In 2003, Croatia was a hit in tourism, and today they come to us from Croatia, their waiters, chefs, receptionists, they get trainings in our hotels. A time has come when people who accomplish their goals come forward”, Radulović believes, Radio Antena M reports.

Radulović said that, in a way, Splendid has become a natural beauty of Montenegro.

“Splendid without Montenegro is nothing, the better Splendid is, the better Montenegro will be, and more projects like Splendid will only improve things”, he said.

Radulović said that key of success is awareness that in the beginning there is not enough knowledge, but there must be will to look for it, and that means love for your country, city, your company.

Radulović admits that the grand plan was to attract Chinese market, but he said that not everything can happen over night.

“For a market, it takes two or three years to flourish, and we still have visas for Chinese. We do not have big shopping malls that they like. Many investors come from China, but they are not interested in villas, apartments, they are interested in hotels and big shopping malls”, Radulović said.

He said that one president of investment company from China offered him to build a shopping mall where there would be no items cheaper than 1000 EUR.

“We were at a business dinner, and they had just arrived from New York, where they bought one hotel. She brought 100 thousand EUR with an intent to spend them in Montenegro. After three days, she had only spent 500 EUR! I asked her friend, did you take her to Delta? But they took one look and left. So, it is a process. But do not worry, Chinese will come for sure”, Radulović said.

Radulović claims that he never thought about giving up on Splendid, although there were some dark times in the beginning, with threats of bombs.

He is proud that every waiter in Splendid speaks three or more foreign languages. One things he is especially proud of:

“Most of our employees come from Cetinje, and Cetinje people are not famous for liking to work. But they are talented, creative. Cetinje people, when asked what it is like to work in Splendid, say – just like in state owned company. It is my biggest compliment. It means that he is certain of his position, he feels comfortable”, Radulović said.

Many world celebrities passed through Splendid, but Radulović did not want to reveal the details.

“The bigger the celebrity, the better and more simple person they are. Those that are really rich are also pretty humble. The worst ones are those who have up to 1 million”, Radulović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro