Radulović: To decrease PDV the best suggestion in the last 150 years

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The announcement of the Prime MInister Milo Đukanović that the Government is thinking of the possibility to decrease PDV (VAT) and do subventions of interest rates for investors who build hotels of high categories has made touristic workers very happy.

President of Montenegrin Tourist Association Žarko Radulović said for Pobjeda that this is one of the best suggestions that the Government has had in the last 150 years.

“It is a very good strategy”, Radulović said and reminded that everyone in the world is currently reaching for foreign direct investments.

“The money enters the state, it is spent here and it creates a new value. It constantly creates new money through taxes, additions, job opportunities… We gain a lot. There are countless examples in the world”, Radulović said.

He cited the example of Turkey that is a highly developed tourist destination. He reminded that they used to give 10 hectares of land with water and electricity for 1 EUR.

“Land given for 1 EUR in the ownership of the investor, with a condition to finalize the investment in three years. A hotel with five stars needs to be there, otherwise they return the land. Area of 10 hectares is at least one Splendid, which is 5,5 million EUR more in the budget and 600-700 new jobs, and it goes on on a yearly basis. These are direct benefits, and indirect are 1000 beds that mean new spending in the area of food, electricity, water etc. This makes the country and its commerce move forward”, Radulović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro