RAE considered electricity prices requests by energy subjects

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Regulatory Agency for Energetics RAE considered requests energy subjects submitted in order to determine allowed income by which to form new electricity prices that will be in force starting January 1st.

„Decisions on allowed income and reimbursements must be reached 30 days at the latest before new prices are implemented”, REA told to MINA Agency.

They explained that Montenegrin electro-transmission system CGES, electro-distributional system CEDIS and operator of the electric energy market COTEE submitted requests for determining allowed income, prices and reimbursements within the legislative deadline.

„RAE considered the requests and published report on analysis of the documentation filed under the requests for the period from this to 2019 year, with documentation that was available up to that date”, RAE stated.

Publishing this report has a goal of involving all potential interested parties in the process.

„Along with the reports, RAE published a call for opinions and suggestions, in a deadline of 7 days. After considering the suggestions, reports will be edited and an invitation for a session of the board that will consider the requests will be delivered to the parties who submitted the requests, 8 days prior to the session of the board”, RAE stated.

RAE explained that the Law on Energetics entails the obligation for the market, transmission and distribution systems to submit a requests for determining allowed income.

Electrical energy supply is a matter of the market, as they explained, and the goal of regulatory changes is development of the market and favorable conditions for new suppliers.

CGES submitted the requests in the beginning of September for determining allowed income and prices for using transmission systems, CEDIS for using of distributional systems, and COTEE for determining allowed income and reimbursements for operators in the market.

Based on these requests, new prices of electricity will be formed starting January 1st.

EPCG transformed in June into a separate company CEDIS.

EPCG founded CEDIS and is a 100% owner. CEDIS will distribute electrical energy within Montenegrin transmission system.

CEDIS is an independent company that will have a managerial role and it will be accountable for all of its properties.

By the end of December, second regulation period will be finished.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro