Raise the culture of cycling in Podgorica

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The culture of cycling in Podgorica is unsatisfactory and it needs to be raised to a better level, said the Chief of Delegation of EU in Montenegro, Mitja Drobnic, stating that bicycle riders are weak participants in traffic and should be cared for more carefully.

He said, at a press conference “Promotion of cycling infrastructure and security in traffic”, that the number of bicycle riders in Podgorica is increasing.

Drobnic pointed out that cycling is good for health and helps in saving the nature and money.

Drobnic added that the Delegation is supportive of the efforts that the Capital city invested in expanding the network of bicycle paths in Podgorica.

“This changes the image of the city for the better, and improves the quality of living that Podgorica can offer”, said Drobnic.

Drobnic said that bicycle paths are a prerequisite for development of cycling.

“It is necessary to raise the culture of cycling whish is not at a satisfactory level. Now that the infrastructure is getting better, the culture needs to improve at the same rate. When you go outside the city, you can sense that the drivers are still not aware that the bicycle rider is the weakest participant in the traffic and should be carefully cared for”, said Drobnic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro