Ramada affair: Director of Directorate for railway traffic arrested

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Director of Directorate for railway traffic Nebojša Obradović, a member of Social-Democrats, has been arrested today in case Ramada, CdM learns.

Prosecutor Veljko Rutović ordered custody of 72 hours.

The public was introduced to the case through speeches of representative Mladen Bojanić. The gathering of Social-Democrats in hotel Ramada, party lead by Ivan Brajović, was allegedly paid with resources from Directorate for railway traffic of Montenegro.

Worker of hotel Ramada Patricia Pobrić, single mother, gave the bills to Bojanić and was subsequently fired.

Special prosecutor Milivoje Katnić and Agency for prevention of corruption investigated the case.

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A month after he took over the case, Katnić made the first step – he ordered the arrest of Nebojša Obradović. He confirmed this at today’s session in the Parliament.

“We have reasonable doubt. Special department arrested this person and he is to be held in custody for 72 hours while he is questioned. Decision on further action will be reached later”, Katnić said in the Parliament.

SD believes that their member is innocent.

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Commenting on the case, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said that everything was done in order to create new political and media scandal.

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Source: Cafe Del Montenegro