Ramada affair: Obradović let go

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Director of Directorate for railways Nebojša Obradović (34), arrested for the abuse of official position, has been let go this morning. He was accused for paying for the gathering of his party from the resources of the Directorate.

Special Prosecutor Veljko Rutović did not ask for prolonging his custody, so he found himself free this morning.

A little over a month ago, MP Mladen Bojanić reported his knowledge of the fact that Social-Democrats lead by Ivan Brajović used Directorate’s funds to pay for their gatherings in Hotel Ramada.

Directorate for railways works under Ministry of Traffic, lead by none other than Ivan Brajović, leader of SD.

Data that Bojanić made public showed that the gatherings in this hotel were paid by taxpayers, and that the bill cost 1000 EUR. Copies of these bills were given to Bojanić by Patricija Pobrić, now former manager of the hotel.

She was also questioned in the Prosecution. She said that after the conference during which Bojanić went public, official of SD Emil Durumbašić came to the hotel, asking to have a meeting with the owners.

She said that Durumbašić asked the management to change the documents in order to cover up the affair. After a month of investigation, Obradović was accused of abusing official position.

He made a statement saying he signed a bill in the amount of 360 EUR, but he did not partake in the organization nor did he attend the gathering.

Durumbašić and SD denied Pobrić and Bojanić’s claims, saying they were gross lies and manipulations to prevent Darko Pajović from becoming President of the Parliament.

They said that they could not paid for the gatherings from the account of the party, because the party had not yet been registered at the time. SD organized three gathering in the hotel, and Pobrić reacted after Emil Durumbašić asked to send the bill to the Directorate for railways.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro