Ratification in Turkey the message to Montenegro

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Slovenian Ambassador to NATO Jelko Kacin said that the ratification of the Accession Protocol in Turkey is important message not only for Montenegro, but at the same time for NATO.

He noted that the ratification process must be completed in its entirety in order for Montenegro to become a full member of NATO.

“In this regard, the ratification in Turkey is another step towards the completion of ratification. Every NATO member has a single vote. In this sense, Turkey’s step is important message not only for Montenegro, but at the same time for NATO,” said Kacin for Pobjeda.

We remind that the ratification in Ankara occurred less than two months after the attempted coup in Turkey which led to the worsening of relations with the US and NATO.

Kacin emphasizes that Turkey remains resolute and large member state with a huge contribution in the fight for stability and in resolving the issue of refugees and migrants. This country is, according to him, an important link in the fight against terrorism and determined advocate of NATO enlargement to the Balkan region.

“Turkey is a responsible member of NATO, aware of its role and weight in the region and wider,” said Slovenian ambassador.

Responding to a question whether ratification in Turkey can influence Russia to accept the decision of Montenegro to join NATO, bearing in mind the warming ties between Ankara and Moscow, Kacin said that the Russian Federation does not adjust the foreign policy strategy.

“I think that bilateral warming between Turkey and the Russian Federation does not (yet) have an elements of the changing attitude of the Russian Federation regarding Montenegro’s membership in NATO. Russia has its own priorities in the foreign policy strategy which is not being adjusted, even less subjected to the views of Turkey,” said Kacin.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro