Ratification of Protocol in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece by the end of July

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Parliaments of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece will ratify Montenegro’s accession protocol to NATO by the end of July, learns Pobjeda daily.

Four members of the Alliance have so far confirmed the accession of Montenegro to NATO, namely Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia, while Albania announced ratification for tomorrow, June 23rd. Swift ratification of the protocol has been announced by remaining countries of the Visegrad group, and in a few months, Baltic countries should do the same.

A group of former senior US officials, who sent an open letter to US President Barack Obama and Congress, also called for quick ratification, ideally until the end of the year.

The letter which was, among others, signed by the former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, former commanders of NATO in Europe, generals Philip Breedlove, James Jones and James Stavridis, and the former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, says Montenegro is, as a 29th member of the Alliance, ready to fulfill the obligations of membership and contribute to Euro-Atlantic security.

The Accession protocol should be ratified by the parliaments of all 28 member states.

In NATO, no one wants to specify when the ratification process could be completed, reminding only that the last one lasted a year.

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic voiced expectation that at this time next year, Montenegro will be the 29th member of NATO.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro