Read the transcript of leaked Dikic’s phone call with his associates: If Milo claims victory, arrest him

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The transcripts of intercepted phone calls between Bratislav Bata Dikic and his associates related to the preparing terrorist attacks on election day in Montenegro leaked. Dnevne Novine newspapers published parts of transcripts the authenticity of which has been confirmed to it.

The calls were seven days before the election. A part of communication shows that Dikic and his group were coordinated with certain political entities in Montenegro and Russian paraintelligence structures who campaign against NATO, DN writes.

As DN reports, in a part of the conversation, Dikic sounds obviously upset because a contact person does not answer his phone call to the number +38165 xxx xxx. He angrily asks a person called Sindja what’s going on, telling him that he has come with “23 men”, that “this is not a joke”, that “he deployed people” and that he “does not know what to tell them”.

“Brandy” and “bottles”

Sindja tells him that everything will be just fine and continues suspiciously: “If you’re scared, go back”. Dikic replies he is not afraid but that “it is frivolous that someone is not answering several calls” and that he has to see “what is going on with the ‘brandy’ (weapons)”, that “the brandy must be inspected and ‘bottles’ (rifle) emptied and cleaned”, repeating that “it’s not a joke”.

From the conversation between the two men, it can be concluded that they are associated with some local politicians who intend to claim election victory and get into the Parliament, but that the coordination is carried out through certain paraintelligence channels which involved some Russian citizens and that the mastermind of the operation is somehow connected with Russia.

It is obvious that those guarantees and the promised money were the main Dikic’s motive to get engaged in the operation.

Later, Sindja informs Dikic to write down another phone number. He asks: “Do you have a pen?”, Dikic confirms and he dictates the number +381 64 270 xxx.

Breaking into Parliament at 11pm

The conversation proceeds as follows:

SINDJA: “Actually that phone number was turned on, but it seems that his prepaid credit run out due to roaming tariffs. Whenever he tries to make a phone call, he fails. Now I’m going to buy a top-up and you call him on this number. Everything is all right… with Rujas [a nickname for Russians in the Montenegrin/Serbian language]. They do not have many (…inaudible) deployed around. They have a reserve in the Zlatica neighbourhood”.


SINDJA: “Zlatica – it’s a neighbourhood. They are stationed there and in the case (…inaudible) they will be activated. And those men of yours around the city, there won’t be many of them. The entrance will be open. The entrance will be opened in the Parliament from the park side. That one won’t be blocked. The others will be blocked.”

DIKIC: “Wait… the entrance from the park side?”

SINDJA: “The entrance from the park side… And tell Nikola – all other people, all the groups that have come here, I need to send them to him to organise them… All this must be completed by noon tomorrow. The breach will be carried out tomorrow at 23.00h”.


SINDJA: “It’s 11pm.”


SINDJA: “When that is to happen, after the announcement of those elections. If everything is peaceful that’s fine, but if not, it will happen there… Those politicians will be there, they will enter with people. A large crowd will gather there… This is coordinated from several sides. There are more people involved. There is a group like yours. I do not know where they are deployed… Find blue ribbons, like strips.”

DIKIC: “Ribbons…”

SINDJA: “Blue strips, they just have to be blue.”


SINDJA: “Each of our man shall put this blue ribbon where it can be seen… In order for our people to recognize each other… to avoid confusion and possibility of being mixed up with someone else.”

DIKIC: “OK. The ribbons should be put that evening.”

SINDJA: “That evening. They should not be too noticeable, but visible enough… in order to distinguish each other. Rujas and others know that as well (…inaudible). to give people directions, not to do everything as headless… everything shall be organized. Because, all eyes are literally upon us… you know who, I’ve told you. He is waiting and watching both you and me… everything. And you are aware what depends on it. Do not screw it up. Let’s pull the thing off – that’s for all of us.”

DIKIC: “I understand… Just tell me this – that ‘brandy’ in the cottage… when to show him the ‘brandy’? When should I give him the key?”

SINDJA: “Good. Do it. Everything is in his disposal. He mustn’t screw up, because he is under their control.”

DIKIC: “Good. II will meet him now. He should at 10pm… I will meet him…”

SINDJA: “And you should coordinate everything (…inaudible). Be smart, with no rush. May be everything will be all right… that this Milo accepts that he lost, and that nothing happens.”

DIKIC: “If he was smart, he would give up power immediately.”

SINDJA: “Exactly.”

Sindja further explains that if Milo appears and tries to claim victory, then they should arrest him. Thus they would win a special award. Dikic asks what the reward is. Then he makes arrangement to inspect and hand over the ‘brandy’ and to give him a ‘helicopter’ (drone with a camera and walkie talkies).

Dikic spent two days in Podgorica. He moved in the direction of Cetinje, Niksic and Virpazar, but not in the direction of Ostrog, (allegedly due to illness) as his lawyer said.

All in Spuz up to 30 days

The investigation judge of the High Court in Podgorica Miroslav Basovic ordered one-month custody for all 14 suspects and they were sent to remand prison. Thus he accepted the prosecutor’s request to remand them due to the risk of escape, possible influence on accomplices and the threat that they could fulfil the plan they came for.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday the following persons were arrested on suspicion of planning a coup and the arrest of the prime minister: Kristina Hristić (38), Branko Milic (61), Milan Dušić (59), Dragan Maksić (40), Srboljub Đorđević (62), Aleksandar Čurović (33), Aleksandar Aleksić (42), Nikola Đurić (34), Siniša Ćetković (36), Dejan Stanojević (42), Ivica Matić (36), Perica Andrić (38) and Miloš Aćimović (26). They have been remanded in prison for up to 30 days. On Saturday night, the police also arrested Bojan Kovačević (40), Vladimir Božović (21), Nikola Đorđevic (21), G.K. (17), Luka Đorđević (18) and Stefan Velimirović (25). The prosecutor did not require remand prison for them.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro