Readers’ interview with Lekic ended, Milo agreed to answer, Mandic’s consent pending

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The first round of CDM readers’ questions to the first candidates on the electoral registers for the upcoming general elections was finished on Monday at 3pm.

Miodrag Lekic’s answers to the ten most interesting questions will be published on Tuesday at 3pm. The questions for Lekic could be found on this link.

Meanwhile, the first candidate on DPS electoral register Milo Djukanovic agreed to participate in such an interview. The date for asking questions will be announced later. It will be a term between 10 and 14 October.

CDM is communicating with Democratic Front (DF) leader Andrija Mandic to arrange his participating in the interviews. His consent is pending.

Also, regardless of the fact that the first candidate on the Democrats’ electoral register Aleksa Becic said that he had no time for this kind of interview because “he is with people all of the time”, CDM will leave a term for him, if he changes his mind.

And these are the agreed interview terms:

Questions for Darko Pajovic – 4 October;

Questions for Hazbija Kalac and Ervin Ibrahimovic – 5 October;

Questions for Ranko Krivokapic – 6 October;

Questions for Genci Nimanbegu and Gzim Hajdinaga – 7 October,

Questions for Ivan Brajovic – 8 October;

Questions for Adrijan Vuksanovic – 9 October;

Milo Djukanovic will answer CDM readers’ questions between 10 and 14 October.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro