Ready for cooperation with opposition

Civic Movement (Gradjanski Pokret) is ready for cooperation with other opposition entities, which must be planned and strategic, because changes for the better are impossible if Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) remains ruling party, the alliance pointed out.

Civic Movement Initial Board spokesman, Milos Konatar, said that the alliance is established due to the changes that are necessary to Montenegro.

“The Movement aim is a prosperous, stable and free Montenegro. We want to bring together all those who are genuinely for reform and change of government as a prerequisite for progress. Our goal is to stop the waste of social resources and establish responsible Government, reports agency Mina.

Konatar stated that the changes for the better are impossible without unseated DPS.

“And so we are ready to cooperate with other opposition parties. This cooperation must be planned and strategic, rather than ad hoc, from moment to moment. Montenegro must not repeat the situation that the opposition wins the election, and than it fails to form a government and replace DPS and SDP”, he said.

Konatar said that the true aim is the change of government in order to focus energy on improving the living conditions of all citizens, instead of spending it on inter-party conflicts.

“Montenegro must be civil. At the moment we have a key division to those who support the DPS and allow further degradation and devastation of our society, and to those who look to the future and progress and that does not allow that this government controls our fates. Because of the future of Montenegro we must turn to common goals and not to differences that divide us”, it was said in the statement.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro