Ready for elections on December 2.

The Montenegrin parliament started session at which Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic answered MPs’ questions.

Milutin Simovic, the head of the DPS parliamentary group asked the Prime Minister what would be the impact of the EC Progress Report for Montenegro on the awaited decision on invitation for NATO membership.

“This year the Report for Montenegro has a special value and significance, given the advanced stage of the negotiation process and its complexity, and the fact that it was presented three weeks ahead of an expected decision on the invitation for NATO. The content of the previous reports, as a rule, has been accompanied by attempts of political abuses, with tendentiously selective approach and ignoring the positive ratings. This time, the atmosphere after the release of the Report speaks best of its content and the general opinion is that it was never thus positive”, said Simovic.

The Prime Minister said that Montenegro’s membership in the EU and NATO is a strategic priority, and that positive assessment in the EC Report in the field of rule of law would be taken into account when making the decision on accession.

“Our success is measured by the fact that we have opened negotiations on eight chapters, and that there is a chance to open two more by the end of the year. In the area of rule of law, we continued adopting the reform laws”, said Djukanovic.

He added that part of the media and opposition every year with malice await the Progress Report.

“I guess that part of the opposition is disappointed by the EC’s reference to Democratic Front protest. We should think about whether the protests were by chance initiated just ahead of the Progress Report and a decision on membership in NATO, and the answer is clear to everyone”, Djukanovic said.

According to him, the EU mediation in talks between the opposition and the government, would be just the application of the balance clause.

“I do not think it is overlooked by the initiators of the idea. Unfortunately, some parties do not realize they have a responsibility. So, instead of invoking international mediation one should clearly perceive the causes of the problem of evident political mistrust, and sit in the parliamentary benches in order to resolve problems”, Djukanovic added.

The EC Repot, said Prime Minister, has clearly showed great progress of the state, and provided clear guidelines for further progress.

“The expectations of the European Commission will be more demanding in the coming years.”

Djukanovic said that the government clearly expects an invitation for membership in NATO, thanks to the enormous work that has been done, which has been recognized in the EC report.

“I have never been more optimistic about receiving an invitation. I am convinced that we will get the NATO invitation on December 1, and on December 2 we are ready for the elections. The political will of the DPS is there to go to the polls in accordance with the adopted laws. There is no more important interest to the state than having competent and authoritative power after receiving the invitation”, said the Prime Minister.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro