Ready to build a better society

Bar committee of the Social Democrats last night opened the party office in a building of the business center ZIB, next to the Health Center. President of party’s Bar committee Mico Orlandic and the president of Social Democrats of Montenegro Ivan Brajovic spoke at the ceremony.

“Today is the International Day for Tolerance and I am convinced that the values of the UN General Assembly declaration and their realization are most suitable to Montenegro and especially to our municipality. Our citizens have for centuries proved that they know how to build coexistence on tolerance and mutual respect, without any prejudice. Social Democrats of Montenegro see their basic guiding idea in tolerance and continuous activity against ignorance, extremism, hatred and all forms of discrimination”, said Orlandic.

He pointed out that the Social Democrats staunchly stand on the fundamental values of modern European left and the preservation of civil, civic and national interests of all citizens of Montenegro.

Brajovic said his party would keep the legacy of social democracy in a best way and noted that he was particularly glad that he was in Bar among his old friends.

‘’The Social Democrats are ready to build a new, better society, based on the third big goal, the program of aggressive economic development of Montenegro, and Bar is one of its pillars”, said Brajovic.

He also noted that Social Democrats will pursue a policy of respect for all diversity in Montenegro.

The opening of the Social Democrats’ office was among others attended by the President of the Municipality of Bar Zoran Srzentic, vice president of the Bosniak Party Munib Licina, Secretary of the municipality committee of the Positive Montenegro in Bar Olivera Vidakovic, representatives of the municipal committees of the Social Democrats from other Montenegrin cities and successful Bar and Montenegrin businessmen.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro