Ready to reduce emissions

Montenegro strongly supports the adoption of the development agenda for the period after 2015 and confirms its commitment to fully implement it, said President Filip Vujanovic at the UN Summit to adopt a development program after 2015.

He said that Montenegro was ready to support a global climate deal by reducing national emissions of greenhouse gases by 30 percent by 2030, compared to the reference level from 1990.

“The commitment of Montenegro to the policy of sustainable development is unquestionable. It represents its strategic development policy and guideline in all dimensions of socio-economic development. Constitutional commitment of Montenegro as an ecological state, in addition to political will, in the previous two-decade period, required a commitment, persistence, courageous decisions and significant financial investment. This approach was especially important in overcoming negative tendencies that were generated in the period of social transition and later under the influence of the global economic crisis”, said Vujanovic.

President said that, although faced with many challenges, we in Montenegro persisted with the intention of making socio-economic development more sustainable and preserve natural resources for generations to come.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro