Recognition to Kolasin’s inventor: Zoran’s earthquake absorber will become famous

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In the report from last year’s inventors fair in Geneva, experts from United Nations who deal with reduction of natural catastrophe risks mentioned earthquake absorber which was invented by Zoran Ilincic. He recently found out about this honor and is very satisfied.

Office of UN for reduction of risks from catastrophes was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Geneva. The goal of this office is to unite and apply strategies for risk reduction when catastrophes happen. The dominant focus of their attention are inventions and scientific innovations which help humans protect themselves from catastrophes.

“To stay ahead of time, experts from this office visit scientific fairs, so they visited last year’s Geneva fair too”, explained Zoran Ilincic.

In the report that was filed after the Geneva fair, the UN office singled out two ways of reducing risk from an earthquake, and those are inventions by Zoran Ilincic and professor from China, Hu Zadong.

“I recently came across this report from the UN office for reduction of risk from catastrophes in which they singled out my earthquake absorbers which are built in the foundation of the constructions and help sustain the amlitude of the movig ground. I am sure that this will be another incentive for this invention to find its way to practical use”, said Ilincic.

As for the fair, Zoran came back with a golden and a silver medal for his inventions, and earthquake absorber was the one that attracted the most attention.

Zoran Ilincic was nominated for this year’s 13th of July award.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro