Reconstruction of the Sozina road next year

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Concrete pavement surfacing in the tunnel of Sozina, which over time suffered damage, will be reconstructed next year, said Monteput company for Dnevne Novine daily.

According to company’s technical director, Boris Mašanović, it is not yet known how much money will be allocated for these works, and the cost will be published only after financial, construction and procurement plans.

There will be no downtime

Tunnel Sozina was opened in 2005 with concrete pavement inside and expansion joints every 12 meters. Mašanović explains concrete pavement was installed in the tunnel because asphalt is dangerous in case of fire – it can melt and the fumes are lethal.

“It is important to note that, during repairs, we will organize one-lane alternating traffic regime, which will be regulated by traffic signs, so the tunnel won’t be closed at any time”, said Mašanović.

EUR 80 million collected

This year, investment plan for the tunnel says LED lighting will be installed, system for automatic detection of incidents will be upgraded and radio communications platform improved.

Since its opening to traffic in 2005 until now, Sozina tunnel has seen more than 23 million vehicles and collected over 80 million euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro