Reduce the salary to officials

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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) is committed to improving the financial position of health workers, said an official of that party Mirko Stanic.

He said at a press conference today that the SDP initiated the scheduling of the extraordinary meeting of the Parliament of Montenegro, which would discuss the amendments to the Law on Salaries in the public sector.

“The financial position of the medical staff and doctors is bad. That’s why we initiated changes to the law in order to increase their wages. The law that we submitted provides for a reduction in earnings for the officials, which increased by 50 to 100 percent. DPS apparently only took care of the officials. DPS and parties that support it increased these salaries by 50 to 100 percent,” said Stanic.

He pointed out that it is obvious that there should not be any worry about the material position of pensioners, doctors and educators, because, as Stanic reminds, rehabilitation plan of the former Finance Minister Radoje Zugic provides for the reduction of wages and pensions after the election.

“This rehabilitation plan also provides for the abolition of fee model to mothers with three or more children. The conclusion is that, according to the DPS, the burden of the crisis should be borne by those who have built or are building our country – doctors, educators, civil servants and pensioners. On the other hand , the officials should been given more,” Stanic said.

He also believes that DPS does not care for Montenegrin health because, he says, “they use hospitals abroad”.

“They are not interested in the education system because their children are studying abroad. We say: ‘’State to everyone, not just them,’’ said Stanic.

Stanic also alleged that the law was put into procedure 15 days ago and that 27 signatures are needed for scheduling an extraordinary session.

“Colleagues from the opposition are willing to support our intention. We send request to all to support us,” concluded Stanic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro