Referendum about NATO and elections on the same day

Regular parliamentary elections and the referendum on the accession of Montenegro to NATO should be held together, said the head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), Aleksandar Damjanovic.

He said that SNP has a clear position, based on the Party Program, that the decision to join NATO should be made by the citizens of Montenegro in a referendum.

“A referendum would, for reasons of rationality, take place in conjunction with parliamentary elections, after ensuring fair and democratic conditions for a referendum. The citizens would choose between accepting invitation for Montenegro to be part of the NATO military alliance on the one hand, and military neutral status on the other hand, ” Damjanovic said in an interview for Portal Analytics.

When asked if the SNP would take part in anti-NATO protests scheduled for November 12, Damjanovic said that the question should be made to the party president Srdjan Milic.

Damjanovic also said that the draft Law on Salaries in the Public Sector was not delivered to the Parliament in order to be considered by the competent working body.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro