Regional media: Ceda Colovic is arrested Croatian spy in BG

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Agents of Serbian Security and Information Agency (BIA) arrested Ceda Colovic (57) whom they suspect to be a Croatian spy, regional media reported.

Colovic allegedly has dual citizenship – Serbian and Croatian. This retired officer of the armed forces of the Republic of Srpska Krajina was in charge of security of the 75th motorised brigade. The media added that the Croatian agent had fought in the war in Croatia and that he was born in Drnis.

According to Serbian media, Colovic has been monitored for a long time and that all his contacts with people from the Serbian Armed Forces, police and other state institutions and bodies have been documented. It is pointed out that his contacts with the Croatian intelligence officers have also be documented.

Colovic was allegedly collecting information on Serbian security structures, but also about the plans of military industry and the information on the contracts on weapons export.

Despite the media earlier reported that Colovic was an associate of Croatian Military Security Intelligence Service, it turned out that was not true.

High Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade confirmed that, in cooperation with the Security and Information Agency, it arrested one person on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of espionage.

The suspect was remanded in prison for 48 hours, after which he will be brought to the competent prosecutor for questioning.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro