Rejecting the investors harms the state

Recent rejecting of the renowned investors jeopardized the fulfillment of the state dominant obligations to valorize resources through development projects, and that indirectly inflicted enormous damage to the budget and the entire society, Minister of Finance, Radoje Žugić stated.

He believes that such behavior of individual MPs demands determination of political responsibility.

“There is an evident practice that also the general public recognizes and it relates to decision-making of some MPs, which often result in big burdening of the state budget. It is the case of unilateral or decisions adopted without prior analysis of fiscal impact and without obtaining the opinion of the Government on the content of the proposed solutions, ” Žugić said for daily ‘’Dnevne novine’’.

He said that it has been prepared the assessment of the impact of laws that have been adopted by Parliament and that it showed that their implementation, will cost the state around 28.3 million euros, on the annual basis.

Žugić said that the refusal of investors is making excessive damage to the budget and citizens.

“I would remind the public that some reputable investors have been rejected recently in the parliament which endangered the fulfillment of our dominant obligation relating to the evaluation of the vast resources through the implementation of development projects, and thus, indirectly, inflicted enormous damage to the budget and the entire society.” said the minister.

Answering the question whether there will be place for increasment of the salaries and pentions in the budget of the next year, Žugić pointed out that the issue of wage policy is in constant focus of the Government and that it had been seen in the context of creating a fairer salary system that would ensure respect for the principles of fairness and rationality.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro