Relations of Montenegro and Albania very close

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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the relations in the Balkans are better than ever and that countries in the region should do everything to move forward. Speaking about the relations between Montenegro and Albania, Rama finds that the two countries have no mutual problems and outstanding issues.

“Relations between Albania and Montenegro are so close that sometimes it seems that this is atypical, almost impossible between the countries of the Balkans. But, it is like that. We should do everything in our power to move forward as countries in the direction of the European Union,” said Prime Minister Rama for Pobjeda after the Summit of the Western Balkans in Paris.

Commenting on the role of Montenegro in the Western Balkans, Prime Minister Rama said that ‘’everything is in good condition’’ in our country. Rama said that the “daring action plan for trade and transport which includes all countries,” was proposed in Paris.

“We are still faithful to Europe. Some of the leaders in Europe have problems with euroscepticism. Our problem is euro-optimism. Where are euro-optimists, why there are not more of them in the public arena,” said Rama.

He told reporters after the summit that “Brexit was a shock not only for the European Union but also for the UK, as the British now realize the kind of catastrophe they are going into.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro