Relations with Russia will be relaxed

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Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic said that Montenegro’s membership in the NATO Alliance is not directed against anyone.

He stated that he believes that Montenegro’s membership in NATO will contribute to stability in the Western Balkans.

He is an optimist that Moscow will realize that it is in the interest of Montenegro, not against its interests, and that relations with Russia will be relaxed.

“Otherwise, we will continue to develop our institutions and through them give the best answer to all the attacks that have taken place and which are now taking place. I am convinced that no one from Montenegro would even think of being misused for implementation of the interests of a third party,” said Boskovic at the news conference with Slovenian Defense Minister Andrej Katic.

Boskovic said that Slovenia’s help and it’s experience were of immeasurable importance in the implementation of foreign policy priorities of Montenegro.

“Stability and security in the Western Balkans can be achieved by integration of all countries, because we are witnessing the fact that the Western Balkans is very unstable area when it comes to stability and peace, with regards to all past experiences that the region has passed,” said Boskovic, with the assessment that there is room for improvement of cooperation with Slovenia regarding the two armies and the two ministries.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro