Relations with Russia will return to normal

Moscow’s reaction to the Montenegrin accession to NATO is a consequence of the deterioration of relations between Russia and NATO and Russia and the European Union, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanović.

He said he was confident that if the process of Montenegro’s membership in NATO began several years ago we would not have reaction from Moscow that we have today.

“Unfortunately, there has been a worsening of relations between Russia and the Alliance, as well as Russia and the EU. This is most vividly refracted today through Montenegrin-Russian relations”, Djukanovic told the Moscow daily Kommersant.

He is convinced that it will not take much time and that relations between Montenegro and Russia will be “back to normal”, reports Beta.

Djukanovic said that Russia “was also not very pleased with the formation of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, and the possibility of their separation.”

He said, however, that Moscow addressed this issue in principle, expressing willingness to recognize the democratic will of citizens.

“And so it was. We certainly do not forget the very positive role of Russia in this process and the fact that it was among the first countries that recognized the renewed Montenegrin independence in 2006. I see no serious reason not to be so in this case, too”, said Djukanovic.

Djukanovic has denied that the Montenegrin membership in NATO is step against Russia. He said that membership in NATO is not directed “against anyone, and therefore, not against Russia”, and that Podgorica does not have any reason not to retain historically close relations with Moscow.

“The real question is not why Montenegro is going towards NATO, but why would that even bother Russia, or anyone else tomorrow when Montenegro becomes a member of NATO? And why should any other country, especially a friendly one in historical sense, should be bothered by our ambition to freely choose the way of the future?”, said Djukanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro