Relief for 600 debtors

The law on conversion of loans in francs into Euros officially enters into force on 22 August. Fixed interest rate for the new calculation is 8.2 percent annually.

The law on conversion of loans in Swiss francs into Euros will officially enter into force on 22 August. In order to do it according to protocol, “Official Gazette” was published the day before yesterday the law dated 14 August.

In Montenegro, the loans in the “Swiss francs” gave only Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank, which is required within 30 days of its entry into force carries out a conversion of loans granted in francs at the official rate, which was the day after the conclusion of the contract the rate of the Central Bank.

This obligation applies to loans that the bank has broken, because the buyer did not pay the installments on time. To supervise the application is in charge of the Central Bank. The law was, at the proposal of DF, adopted by the Parliament on July 31, by the votes of the opposition and part of the SDP and minority parties. President Filip Vujanovic signed it on August 10th.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro