Request for issuing building permit for Jabucki Krs tunnel submitted

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The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs has submitted the request for issuing building permit for subsection 4.2 – Jabucki Krs tunnel with relevant part of the open route – to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism today, CdM learns.

At the beginning of May, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism issued the building permit for the construction of Moracica bridge and the Vjeternik tunnel to the Ministry of Transport.

The Moracica bridge is 960 meters long and its highest pillar is 158 meters high. The bridge is located between Mrke and Klopot tunnels. Thus, the valley of the river is bridged and the highway goes to the opposite hill. The Vjeternik tunnel will be three kilometres long.

These two impressive structures will definitely be examples of modern transport infrastructure in the region and beyond. To get the picture, it should be mentioned the fact that elevation along the 41km long section varies between 63 meters and over 1,100 meters.

Estimated speed on the first section of the highway will be 100 km/h and travel time between Podgorica and Kolasin is shortened from the current 90 minutes to just 25 minutes.

Works officially began on 11 May 2015 and will be completed by 11 May 2019.

Construction of the first section of the highway will cost €809.6. As much as 85% of the sum, ie €688.16m, will be provided through the Chinese Exim Bank loan and 15% or €121.44m by Montenegro. The loan repayment period is 20 years long, the grace period is six years long and the annual interest rate is 2%. According to a socio-economic analysis of the project, payback period for the construction of the priority section Smokovac–Matesevo of the Bar–Boljare highway is estimated at 17 years since the construction beginning and 13 years since beginning of its exploitation.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro