Requested the dismissal of Stijepovic

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Opposition representatives in the Assembly of the Capital City yesterday filed the Proposal to dismiss Podgorica’s mayor Slavoljub Stijepovic because, they claim, he damaged the budget of the Capital City in favor of “Normal tours” that builds a skyscraper next to the hotel “Podgorica”, obstructed the implementation of obligations under the Decision on local communities and because he did not provide carrying out of the activities in accordance with the laws and Articles of Association of the Capital.

According to the motion, Stijepovic enabled the right of ownership of construction land of 1312 m2, where skyscraper is being built, to be transferred to the “Normal tours” while avoiding public tender, thereby damaging the budget of the Capital City in favor of the company.

Deputy of the Democratic Montenegro Zdenka Popovic reminded that the Inspector for Urbanism on March the first filed a motion to nullify the decision on issuing the construction permit to “Normal Tours”, which was declined by the Secretariat for planning and spatial development and environmental protection.

After that, the inspector filed a complaint with the Administrative Court of Montenegro, which has not yet ruled on the case. “We appeal to the Administrative Court and the President Branka Lakocevic to make a decision and not remain silent about the case,” said Popovic. She said that Stijepovic violated the law and that “certain steps of DPS do not lead to the right way, but astray.”

Chairman of the Board of the Democrats of the Capital City Vladimir Cadjenovic explained that the Proposal for dismissal of Stjepovic was signed by the councilors of the Democratic Montenegro, DF, SNP, Demos, SDP and Luka Rakcevic. He also called the skyscraper being built a “monster”, saying that the mayor who could not prevent its construction is not mayor.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro