Requesting passports, heading to Moscow

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Lawyers of the Democratic Front (DF) will demand that Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic get their passports back so they could travel to Moscow at the invitation of the leadership of the United Russia party.

Mandic and Knezevic received an invitation from the Deputy Secretary General of the United Russia Sergei Zeleznak to be guests of the party leadership and discuss the development of inter-party relations with political forces in the Balkans, political situation in Montenegro, Balkans and Europe, and directions of future cooperation.

“Lawyers of the DF leaders will try to return confiscated documents to Mandic and Knezevic, so that they can travel to Moscow,” the DF said.

As said from the alliance, Mandic’s and Knezevic’s documents were unconstitutionally and unlawfully confiscated “because the DF is the strongest and most dangerous opponent of the regime.”

“With such an act, inherent to dictatorial systems, captured institutions tried to further tie hands of the DF politicians, wanting to prevent them from their regular work and international communications.”

As they state, “the Montenegrin regime is known as a puppet, pulling most of the moves according to orders and instructions from some of the western centers of power, which these centers do not hide.”

“For example, the US Vice President or someone from the Brussels administration explains the interests of the United States or some other Western state, and Montenegrin authorities are asked to absolutely obey those instructions without taking into account interests of citizens,” the DF said.

Unlike such relationship, Mandic and Knezevic, as reported, at each address, even this one in Moscow, represent interests of those they represent and majority of Montenegrin citizens, “also taking into account our historic allies, among which Russia is definitely one of the most important, and it always treated with respect her sincere friends and allies.”

As stated, those who persecute the DF know that, after changes occur in Montenegro, justice will knock on their door.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro