Reserves of blood are almost out, need for donations is urgent

The Institute for blood transfusion announced that blood reserves are almost out, urging citizens to give blood during the month of August in order to prevent delays in surgery programs.

“Our institution collects approximately 50 units of blood daily, which is a lot less than the actual needs which are 100 to 150 units of blood. If we don’t receive some donations soon we will be forced to delay elective, so called cold surgeries in the upcoming days, and to use existing reserves of blood only for life endangered patients”, it was emphasized in the announcement.

They have reminded public that the need for blood is higher in summer months because of increase of number of tourist in our country and increase in car and other accidents.

Seasonal lack of blood is also contributed by the period of annual vacations which causes significantly lower turnout of voluntary blood donors.

“We need all blood types. Citizens can donate blood in the new building of the Office for blood transfusion of Montenegro, Street of John Jackson, (within the area of KBC) every day Monday to Friday from 7 am till 3 pm”, it was stated in the announcement. More details can be received via email address and phone number 069 173 573.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro