Residential building one kilometer away from the coastline

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Special purpose spatial plan for the coastal area, which was commissioned by the Government of Montenegro, will bring a series of changes that will primarily reduce the planned construction area on the coast, but also increase investment and the overall tourist spending.

The plan includes the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj, except for the area of ​​national parks and marine belt to the outer border of the territorial sea, and it is valid for the period up to year 2030.

“This is the first time that a planning document that treats the coastal area draws a line 100 meters away from the waterfront, which prohibits building facilities in the narrow coastal area. In the wider coastal zone, 1.000 meters from the sea, all new housing construction is also prohibited. The only objects available for construction will be those in service of tourist and economic activity”, the Ministry of sustainable development and tourism said for Dnevne Novine daily.

The plan is based on the Barcelona Convention, the state spatial plan and strategic documents.

“Although restrictive, this Plan does not dispute, but supports building in areas that are suitable for building, so as to avoid disturbance of protected areas, valuable areas, valuable agricultural and forest land. The plan also prevents construction on the coast and imposes the need to respect green pathways which will connect the narrow coastal belt and the rural hinterland”, explained the Ministry.

The main strategic objectives of the Plan, among other things, are improving the structure and quality of accommodation, creating new jobs and increasing investment and total tourist spending.

It is important to note that owners of land who had previously acquired the rights to build and have all necessary permits, may continue with their building.

“In that sense, the Plan does not constitute a limitation. This applies to all those who will acquire this right and permits before the adoption of the Plan. However, all those who did not use this opportunity should know that such plans are not made with the idea to never change”, explained the Ministry.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro