Resignations began: Milosevic is no longer director of EAM, Maric waiting for SDP

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Rade Milosevic is no longer director of the Employment Agency of Montenegro. He resigned at a press conference in Podgorica.

Mr. Milosevic was appointed head of this institution as an official of URA, who previously left the executive power.

As the reason for resigning, he cited the words of URA party leader, Zarko Rakčević:

“I am leaving office because DPS has violated the agreement”.

On the other hand, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Boris Marić, who entered the government as a non-partisan official, has not yet decided whether to leave his function or not.

“You will be notified about my decision in a timely fashion. I will decide whether I should staz onlz after all three parties decide on their status”, said Maric.

This means only SDP is left to decide. The party of Ranko Krivokapic will give its answer on August 22nd.

Earlier, Demos decided to remain in the government, although URA hoped they will be promptly followed by the remaining members of the popular “troika”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro