Restoration will last at least a year?

At least years will be needed for the restoration of traffic road Cetinje-Budva, which is interrupted due to landslides in Markovici.

This was unofficially told to daily ‘’Dnevne Novine’’ from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport. They explained that the main reason for this is that they have first to wait for seismic land to shrug and to secure a landslide, after which they would start to create a new project that would be completed in between four and six months.

Only after making the project, major works would begin and they could take several months, depending on the situation on the ground.

Civil Engineer Milos Mrvaljevic said that road may be temporarily repaired for 15-20 days, but that for a permanent solution we must wait a year.

“Based on my experience, given that the vast area is affected, it requires a huge work which would last for a year. But the road would be temporarily functional, because the workers would repair it stage by stage and it would be passable for traffic”, Mrvaljevic explained.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro