Results in the fight against corruption not fulfilled

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According to research of Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), Montenegro has not made significant progress in fighting corruption. The real results of the process are more an exception than the rule.

Particularly worrying is the fact that the Agency for Preventing Corruption didn’t meet the expectations. Hence, it is necessary to improve its capacities, it has been said from Center for Democratic Transition.

During the last six months, the CDT team, conducted a research project to determine how the political criteria in the field of democracy, the rule of law and human rights in the negotiations with the EU, are met.
The research covered following areas: the judiciary, the fight against corruption, the media, the fight against organized crime, public administration reform and human rights.

When it comes to the area of corruption, according to the experts who participated in the survey, the results of the fight against corruption, the strategic, legal and institutional framework for the prevention and suppression of corruption are half-met.
“We appreciate the great efforts that are daily done in this area, and we understand that the process requires a lot of time, but the fact remains that the true results of this process are more an exception than the rule, “the CDT said.
When it comes to institutions for the prevention and suppression of corruption, experts believe that the Agency for Prevention of Corruption did not meet the great expectations that were set before it.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro