Revive Solana, protect the environment

The European Parliament MEP Anneliese Dodds sent an open letter to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, in which she stated that she believed that the government will find the best way to revive Solana, protect the environment and comply with the provision of the Constitution, according to which Montenegro is ecological state.

In her letter, Dodds reminds of the recently adopted conclusions of the International Conference on the occasion of preserving Ulcinj saltworks, held in Podgorica and Ulcinj on 8 and 9 April.

She welcomes the Government’s decision to dedicate resources to build the infrastructure that is necessary to preserve the function of Solana as a safe habitat for millions of birds, including the rarest species.

She said that the day after the meeting with Djukanovic, EP delegation visited Solana and had a meeting with all interested parties.

“Despite our expectation that we meet with the minister or his deputy, only low-ranking officials of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism were present and they were not able to explain how the resources that your Government has committed will be used – who would start the works again, how and when”, says Dodds.

MEP said that immediate steps were needed to rebuild the pump stations which would pump seawater to Solana.

“If this does not occur in the next few weeks the birds will lose this year for breeding and many of them will die. We urge you to intervene so we won’t lose any time”, says MEP.

She believes that the government will find the best way to revive Solana.

“So that Solana would, as in the past 80 years, still be a rare example of how human economic activity that contributes to the development of the environment at the same time strengthens the heritage of your beautiful country. This would indeed comply with the term of your Constitution, according to which Montenegro is ecological state’’, concluded Dodds in a letter to the Prime Minister.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro