Revoked parliamentary immunity of Mandic and Knezevic

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The Parliament of Montenegro revoked the immunity of the deputies of the Democratic Front (DF), Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic.

The Administrative Committee on Monday proposed to the Parliament to approve the initiation of criminal proceedings and custody for Mandic and Knezevic.

Two deputies of the DF are suspected to have created a criminal organization and prepared acts against the constitutional order and security of Montenegro, which were performed by incitement, with the aim of committing criminal acts of terrorism and other crimes.

President of the Assembly, Ivan Brajovic said that he hoped that the case would be solved as soon as possible.

“We expect to clarify the facts about this case as soon as possible,” Brajovic said, adding that “nor the prosecution nor the judiciary should be burdened with suspicion and mistrust,” .

Luig Skrelja, the deputy of the DPS recalled the presumption of innocence “until the competent authorities have established the opposite.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro