Rifat Rastoder leaves politics!

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One of the founders and the vice president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Rifat Rastoder, informed the members of the party’s Presidency that he would not be actively involved in politics any longer.

He stated that in a letter to the SDP president Ranko Krivokapic and the members of the party’s presidency.

“Regarding the invitation from the party related to my candidacy and nominating candidates for MPs, I found it advisable to inform you on my decision that I will cease my active engagement in politics after expiration of my current MP term”, Rastoder said in a letter, MINA news agency reported.

He explained that the key reasons for such a decision are his health conditions, but also a sincere belief that new generations have grown and that they will know how to further enrich the honourable heritage.

“Given that SDP has actually been part of our lives for more than quarter of a century, I am proud of everything I’ve incorporated it into its existence, as well as to what SDP meant for my political and public recognition and I remain still a follower of common aspirations to strengthen Montenegro as a common, legal, fair and prosperous house of all its citizens and nations”, said Rastoder.

Rastoder is a founding member of SDP, its vice president and long-time deputy in the Montenegrin Parliament. He was also deputy speaker of the Parliament several times. Currently, he is the chairman of the Committee for Political System.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro