“Ristic mentioned assassination of Djukanovic”

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During the trial in the case of terrorism attempt on election day last year, witness associate Aleksandar Sindjelic said that he received a message from Eduard Sismakov, who he has been calling “Edi”, that Milo Djukanovic should be overthrown.

Edi, he claims, then said the DF leaders would come to parliament and invite the rest of the opposition in order to cause the state of emergency.

Sindjelic also said that one of the accused Nemanja Ristic mentioned the assassination of former Prime Minister Djukanovic.

For everything he said in the courtroom he is ready to take polygraph test.

Stating that he had been waiting for the testimony for a year, Sindjelic agreed to public hearing. At the very beginning, he solved the dilemma of his real name and explained that his name was Sasa Sindjelic, while Aleksandar was in fact his baptismal name.

“Nobody in the world knows me as Sasa Sindjelic, but as Aleksandar,” he said, adding that he was a Serbian nationalist “who keeps up to tradition.”

The President of the Trial Chamber Suzana Mugosa expelled the defendants Milan Knezevic and Andrija Mandic from the courtroom because they made insulting comments about Sindjelic.

Knezevic called him a scum, and Mandic a dung.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro