Road Cetinje – Budva: It’s unknown whether works will be finished by 20th of June

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From Directorate for transport couldn’t be confirmed whether the works on the road Podgorica – Budva will be finished next week, as it was announced earlier.

They stated that they are in a delicate situation because of the bad weather conditions.

Hotel and restaurant owners are already suffering. President of the board of the Association of tourism and hospitality Dragan Ivancevic said that we are in the fourth month of the season and that it’s already evident that it’s not successful.

“Complete destination is blocked, full excursion program that our destination is famous for is blocked. We will have a lot of problems, a lot of complaints. Small and medium hotels have very few guests and external spending is very low”, said Ivancevic for radio Antena M.

Government of Montenegro at first defined 1st of June as the deadline for finishing the works, and after this deadline wasn’t met, a new deadline was set for 20th of June.

Delays, as Ivancevic said, won’t affect just this season, but upcoming seasons as well.

“These days is the time when next season is being negotiated too. These problems and this treatment of the touristic season, which has to be prepared for differently, send a very bad message to two groups – tourists and tour-operators, as well as investors who can hardly decide to invest in our hotels with conditions like this”, he emphasized.

From the Directorate was confirmed to Antena M that works are in the final stage, but they refused to give prognosis of when it will be finished.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro